Cyfnewid I Gymraeg cy

The LCCC is a body of elected members who represent the congregations of the Cathedral, with an elected lay chairperson. Members are regular communicants at the Cathedral and are on the Cathedral electoral roll.  The clergy and churchwardens sit on the Council ex officio.  The Council normally meets six times a year.

The LCCC acts as a conduit between the Dean and Chapter, who have legal and financial responsibility as the governing body of the Cathedral, and the congregations. The chair of LCCC attends Chapter meetings. LCCC actively supports the Cathedral in many ways, eg:

  • improving communication with congregation members,
  • supporting and growing the body of Cathedral volunteers to ensure the sustainability of the many volunteer teams,
  • building up and growing the Cathedral community,
  • contributing to an atmosphere of Christian welcome and hospitality and encouraging visitors and tourism, and
  • supporting and increasing stewardship in the Cathedral.

Young Cathedral Council

The YCC represents the many children and young people who are part of the Cathedral community. On any one Sunday in termtime there are likely to be at least 150 youngsters attending as choristers or at Sunday School.  The YCC consists of representatives from the

Girl Choristers

Boy Choristers

Sunday School

Young leaders at Sunday School.

The group meets three or four times a year to allow our young people to have a ‘voice’ in the Cathedral community. They may for example:

  • Choose a charity for a Lent or Advent Appeal
  • Run fundraising events
  • Design children’s or young people’s guides to the Cathedral
  • Request changes in Cathedral practice (eg provision of a creche area)
  • Plan and run family activities for the ‘Family Fun Day’ at the Cathedral Festival
  • Take part in Eco church environmental projects.

One or two YCC members attend each meeting of the Llandaff Cathedral Community Council to speak about the YCC activities. YCC meetings include time to explore the Cathedral and churchyard and have fun getting to know it better, eg visiting ‘behind the scenes’ places like the ringing chamber and bell tower.