Cyfnewid I Gymraeg cy

The Friends are almost entirely funded by subscriptions and donations, and by individuals who leave the gift of a legacy in their wills.  Legacies make a significant addition to the funds the Friends can make to the Cathedral and without them the help we are able to give would be much reduced.

If you are able to do so, a gift to the Friends in your will would be of great help and very much appreciated. It is a wonderful statement that will enable us to continue to support the Cathedral we love, and help to ensure it remains a special place for future generations.

The amount that you give is entirely up to you. It can be large or small. We appreciate every legacy that we get.  A gift in your Will really doesn’t have to be large to make a difference, and anything you leave can play a big part in our future.

You may wish to dedicate your gift to a loved one, by expressing your legacy as being in memory. This is perfectly acceptable. Or you may wish your legacy to be used for a particular purpose, such as for cathedral music or for repairs to a specific part of the building. This is fine. You just have to make your wishes known in your will and we will ensure that they are carried out.

There is more than one type of legacy.  The most common are:  Residuary (a share of the balance of your estate once all other bequests and liabilities have been settled); Pecuniary (a specific sum of money); Specific (a gift of a specific item such as personal possessions, shares , buildings).

For more information or the answers to your questions, please contact the Treasurer, Mr Brian Robinson tel: 029 2056 3619 for a confidential conversation.