Cyfnewid I Gymraeg cy

What is Christening or Baptism?

Christening, or Baptism is the moment of entry to the Christian Church. Each person baptised in the Cathedral belongs to the Church in Wales. It is a commitment for life, the first step on the journey of faith. Parents and Godparents take solemn vows to bring the child up as a Christian and to lead them by their own example into the life of faith. It is therefore vital for parents and godparents to undertake this commitment thoughtfully and seriously.

At what age can a person be baptised?

A person can be baptised at any age. It is usual in the Church in Wales for babies and children to be baptised; adults or teenagers who come forward for baptism are usually encouraged to be confirmed as well. In Confirmation, the person affirms the same promises as were made on their behalf at Baptism, as they are now old enough to take personal responsibility for their faith.

Can my child be baptised in the Cathedral?

Baptism usually takes place within the family’s own local parish church. If you live within the parish of Llandaff, and/or you regularly attend Cathedral services, your child can be baptised here. If you do not live in the parish nor attend the Cathedral, but have another strong reason for wanting a baptism here, we ask you to approach your local Vicar to make them aware of your request.

How do I arrange a Christening for my child?

Click here to complete a Baptism Enquiry Form. After returning this form you will be invited to attend a Baptism Preparation meeting with other families. After the meeting you will be able to send in the details of your chosen godparents, and to request a date for your service.

When are Christenings held?

The service is at 1.30pm on a Sunday; usually either the second or fourth Sunday of the month. It lasts about 30 minutes. The date of your child’s Christening will be agreed with you after attending the preparation meeting.

Who can be Godparents and how should we choose them?

Godparents must be over 16 years old and must themselves have been baptised. It is traditional to have three godparents, two of the same sex as the child; however it is more important to choose godparents who are sincere in their faith and their intention to help parents bring up the child in the Christian faith.

How can I prepare my child for their Baptism?

For a toddler or young child a suitable book to read with them beforehand would be ‘My Baptism Book; a Child’s Guide to Baptism’ by Diana Murrie. It gives an accessible and attractive explanation of what happens in baptism and what it means.